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Service Offered

Service Offered

Screening of Tenants

     All tenants are obliged to complete the necessary application forms in order to afford us 

     the opportunity of conducting a credit check through TPN, the Tenant Profiling Network.       

     Secondly we endeavour to solicit feedback from previous landlords that the prospective 

     tenant leased from and thereafter together with yourself, we make an informed  


Legal Documentation

     All tenants are required to sign a formal lease agreement, which addresses issues such as:

     the basic rental amount, with provision for increases,

     the initial deposit amount, interest and refund procedures,

     electricity, water, rates and levy recoveries,

     maintenance responsibilities,

     routine and outgoing inspections,

     default provisions.

Collection of Monies

     Tenants are required to sign a debit order, authorising the automatic deduction of the

     monthly rental and other amounts from their account or alternatively are requested to  

     deposit monies directly into our nominated trust account, Our experienced rental agents   

     follow up on dishonoured or late payments, keeping you informed of   

     progress at all times.  Legal advice if necessary can be arranged on your behalf.

We ensure that an amount equivalent to at least 1.5 times the monthly rent is paid, prior        

     to the Tenant being handed the keys.Deposit amounts are held in trust for the duration of the lease and attract interest 

for the benefit of the Tenant.At the conclusion of the lease, the deposit together with interest thereon, is returned 

to the Tenant within 7 days of the expiry date, less any amounts due in respect of 

monies owning for repairs.

Repairs & Maintenance
      Attend to minor repairs, minor repairs being regarded as those repairs costing less than 

     R 1,000, using either the services of our contracted handymen, electricians and  

  plumbers, or contractors of your choice.

     Offer assistance with regard to the obtaining of quotes and the execution of same, in 

     respect of major repairs, if required.


Outgoings such as Municipal accounts, sectional title levies, and authorized repairs  

    are paid automatically from monies collected, provided we have 

    been given written instructions in regard thereto.


Initial inspections are undertaken when the Tenant first moves in, thereafter routine

      inspections are done on a six monthly basis and finally upon termination or expiry, a 

     further inspection is done.

Routine inspection reports once completed are e-mailed and any repairs or

     maintenance matters that you deem necessary are attended to by our team if required.

Financial Reporting 

     Monthly statements are remitted electronically mid-month, to your designated e-mail 

     address, together with accompanying invoices where applicable.